pillow designed and maufactured by foam injection molding by Foam Creations

How to Design your product with foam injection molding process


XL EXTRALIGHT® is a closed cell foam injection molding technology. It matches every designer designing new EVA molded foam products. 

Select a trusted injection foam molding process:

There are many reasons to use EVA foam injection molding for your project instead of Open-cell foams, and there are many EVA foam manufacturers to choose from. However, Foam Creations team will support you, by knowing your product well, its purpose, its demanding requirements, and its competition. this will help you keep focused toward the appropriate material and the best foam injection process.

Unlike, Open-cell foams that allow air, water, oil, dirt and eventually mold into and through the cell structure. Our XL EXTRALIGHT® EVA molding process has one of the strongest properties in the industry and is superior to traditional closed-cell EVA foam molded products. Here are some of the good reasons to use our foam injection molding process XL EXTRALIGHT® :

1-To reduce weight

2-To float in the water

3- To be soft and lightweight

4-To support or suspend weight

 5-To be very firm but lightweight

 6-Absorbing or deceleration impact or load

 7-If the part is thicker than 0.250” and thinner than 1.5”

 8- If the overall thickness variation is no more than 2 to 1 ratio.

Design with large tolerances in mind using XL EXTRALIGHT® foam injection molding technology:

Even though, foam injection molding parts have greater tolerance requirements than non-foamed plastics molded parts (due to foam molding temperatures, post mold cooling, and subsequent cell structure stabilization) ; Foam Creations can make smaller parts 2-3” or larger parts measuring up to 48”, due to our XL EXTRALIGHT® that can run between 1.5% and 2% tolerance. Always keep in mind that tolerances are proportionate and specified by percentage (%) of product length, wide and thickness in closed cell foam molding. 

Choose XL EXTRALIGHT® foam injection molding technology and Design with larger draft angles and radii for part release:

XL EXTRALIGHT® foam molded products expand to full size quickly and with great force as the mold opens in all directions. This means that the part and the mold must have a significant draft angle so that the expansion force is directed toward ejection. XL EXTRALIGHT® foam molded parts are designed with specific density and expansion in mind. The lower the final density, the greater the required expansion and the greater the required draft angles. Parts of greater final density expand less, and therefore require less draft. An average draft angle to consider for most projects is 15-20 degrees draft angle on exterior walls. The exception to the rule is when molding parts with a mandrel undercut insert. Because the material expands, insert mandrels need not have the same draft angled because the part will grow and expand right off the mandrel.

Finally, XL EXTRALIGHT® foam injection molding technology offers the capability to mold whole shoes and boots, as well as medical devices, waterproof devices, containers, packaging and electronic protection systems.

For More information on our injection foam molding and XL EXTRALIGHT® technology, you can contact us, our team will be pleased to support you. 

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