Reshoring Foam injection molding in North America

5 Top benefits of reshoring with a North American foam injection molding manufacturer


The recent global pandemic has underscored the major risks associated with offshoring the development of foam injection molding products. Disruptions in offshore operations have significantly impacted the global supply chain. According to several different consulting firms, the supply shock that started in China and spread around the world caused strongly negative effects to over 75% of businesses.

More and more companies are looking to reshoring their manufacturing to mitigate supply chain risks and vulnerabilities in production. This is specifically the case for manufacturers looking to design new foam injection molding products. Let’s take look at some of the advantages of reshoring foam injection molding developing with North American experts in foam product manufacturing.

1-Reduced supply chain complexity When partnering with a North American manufacturer of foam injection molding products, like Foam Creations, you reduce all the hassles associated with shipment and delivery timelines, customs, and complicated warehousing. You eliminate a lot of costs associated with offshoring your production.

2-Increased access to the production process Contrary to working with an offshore company, with a local foam injection molding manufacturer, you can work hand-in-hand to develop and produce your foam products. With the reduction of time zone differences and direct access to foam injection molding experts, you can collaborate more effectively and efficiently. In addition, you can more easily follow your entire project, from initial ideation to delivery, cooperating together to innovate your designs even further and find extra ways to cut production costs.

3-High product quality

An added benefit of reshoring with a North American foam injection molding manufacturer is that it adheres to stricter regulations and standards than many offshore companies, which in turn elevates your product quality. Moreover, rigorous quality control of foam products is standard with a local partner. Cheap manufacturing with offshore companies may mean you are getting the lowest price, but cheap labor, cheap technologies and cheap processes inevitably lead to cheap foam products. In today’s hyper-competitive markets, consumers are increasingly turning to products made from foam injection molding that are of higher quality and durability.

4-Decreased shipping costs

In the past year, since the pandemic started, freight rates for foam injection molding products on some of the most common international routes have tripled, hitting record highs. These rates are being driving by a blaring shortage of empty containers due to the ripple effects of lockdown bottlenecks and a sudden rebound in demand for many products. High cargo volumes and congestion at ports everywhere is also inciting shipping lines to charge extra fees. On the other hand, relying on a foam injection molding partner like Foam Creations, you can eliminate these astronomical costs; Foam Creations has production sites in Canada and Mexico as well as USA warehousing for foam products in California.

5-Just-in-time delivery and adaptability

Foam Creations’ USA warehousing for foam products also offers just-in-time delivery for each client. That means the production of products using foam injection molding can be exceptionally fast—even for medium-to-large-volume production runs. With just-in-time delivery offered by a foam injection molding manufacturer, you can also benefit from your partner’s production adaptability, which means increased responsiveness to fluctuations in demand generated by the pandemic.

Relying on the capabilities and logistical ease of a North American foam injection molding manufacturer enables a foam product designer to offer better quality and competitive pricing—all while benefiting from a more streamlined and accessible supply chain. Reshoring your foam injection molding development in the US and Canada simply makes good business sense.

You can contact Foam Creations team to start developing and manufacturing your custom foam injection molded product in North America.

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