Foam Creations offers all the services you need to exceed any other EVA foam manufacturing company. Having our own design department gives us the possibility to develop jointly the custom foam molding products you are looking for and support your team during your foam injection molding development process. We will guide you through the engineering steps of your project for the manufacturing of an XL EXTRALIGHT® injection molded foam product, from the development of the material and the design to its manufacturing in North America. Contact us for a QUOTE.

  • Material

    The Foam Creations team is always ready to assist you in selecting the best injection molded foam material for your custom foam molding project. We develop and produce dozens of EXTRALIGHT® foam formulations with a wide range of hardness and density. Our material is greatly superior to regular injection molding EVA foam as we use a very wide range of Polyolefins. Our EXTRALIGHT® injection molded foam is free of phthalates, heavy metals and latex, making them very safe. It is 100 % waterproof, soft and easy to clean.

    Foam Creation's strength resides, among other things, in the company's technological prowess regarding the EXTRALIGHT® custom foam molding development.

  • Design

    Since Foam Creations has its own design department, we can work closely with our clients to optimize the design of their molding foam products in accordance with our streamlined injection molded processes.

    Foam Creations' 20 years' experience as well as its participation in the creation of foam products that revolutionized consumer markets (Crocs, balls, pillows, etc.) have helped the company position itself as a world-class specialist in the design of XL EXTRALIGHT® custom foam molding solutions. Support for the creation of 3D CAD files is also offered.

  • Prototype

    Following the product design phase, we suggest the creation of a foam prototype. This phase plays a major role in the development process, since it will make it possible to validate the design's functionality prior to foam manufacturing.

  • Tooling

    Foam Creations coordinates the manufacturing of the molds for foam injection molding, that will be used for manufacturing in its Canadian and Mexican plants. Our team supervises this critical step in the development of your molded foam products. We will test the molds until they meet all of the clients' quality requirements.

  • Production

    Foam Creations is a North American manufacturer of molding EVA foam products. XL EXTRALIGHT® products are manufactured in Canada and Mexico in
    Foam Creations' plants. By keeping our manufacturing close to the United States, we are able to maintain our superiority in terms of manufacturing speed and custom foam molding quality as well as timely delivery.

    Moreover, being based in North America enables us to keep our transportation costs low, ensuring just-in-time delivery to all of our clients' facilities.

    The quality of our custom foam molding products is our priority. Our quality system allows us to maintain a complete and flawless control over our clients' quality requirements.