Working closely with our clients to optimize their products design in accordance with our top-quality EVA foam injection molding processes is crucial for us. Molded foam products require specific knowledge and expertise, which we have acquired precisely within our 20 years' experience.

At Foam Creations, we have a dedicated team that offers all the services you need, and we exceed any EVA foam injection molding supplier. Starting from your foam products concepts, we will advise and guide you from CAD adjustments, materials selection, product assembly and texture development. We will take care to develop the perfect molds for your molded foam products. Depending on your needs, we will work closely with your engineering team or will become your design process through every stage of your molded foam products development.

Foam Creation's strength resides, among other things, in the company's technological prowess regarding XL EXTRALIGHT® foam injection molding design and development. Our molded foam products are 100% waterproof, soft, resistant to chemicals and easy to clean.

Launched in 1995, Foam Creations has been involved in the creation of a variety of foam products design that revolutionized consumer markets such as Crocs, medical equipment, spa pillows, protective gears, seats and watersports foam products.