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3 main reasons to use foam injection molding for sports equipment and protective gear


 Are you looking to develop innovative new sports equipment or protective gear? Did you know that foam injection molding, using closed-cell foam, is the best process and material? Let’s look into the top 3 reasons why you should look for a closed-cell foam injection molding manufacturer for your next project.

  • 1-Closed-cell foam for sports durability

When it comes to sports equipment and protective gear, manufacturers often want a highly durable material. It won’t crack and withstands breakage. Cross-linked and closed cells  foam,  is highly resistant to water. In fact, closed-cell foam injection molding does not allow any air or moisture to penetrate; therefore, bacteria and mold cannot grow inside and destroy the product’s mechanical properties over time. The same holds true for the sun’s rays: closed-cell foam isn’t impacted by the UV light, which enables it to maintain a stellar appearance over time. Even if punctured or torn, closed-cell foam products maintain their integrity.

Typical applications: Cross-linked injected foam is a great material for water sports equipment (such as swim boards, water games, workout belts, rescue tubes, etc.), bike saddles, bike grips and tires, dock protectors, etc.

  • 2-Closed-cell foam for sports performance and protection

Foam injection molding using closed-cell cross-linked foam offers unprecedented performance for sports equipment and protective gear. Its resilience and superb strength-to-weight ratio make it impressively shock-absorbent; it can withstand repetitive impact and force—all while maintaining its shape. It will never crush or flatten. While it is ultra-strong, closed-cell foam is very lightweight, making it a viable option for sports products that need to optimize weight, such as seats for kayaks or boats.

Typical applications: Closed-cell foam injection molding is used to create helmets, shoulder pads, knee pads and cushions, hand, wrist and shin guards, chest protectors, and more.

  • 3-Closed-cell foam for both simple and complex projects

Regardless of the complexity of your project, closed-cell foam injection molding can address a myriad of specifications for sports equipment or protective gear. Apart from the benefits mentioned above, there are other advantages as well.

First, closed-cell foam products are very easy to clean. Even the toughest cleaning products can be used to disinfect and clean cross-linked foam injection products. This is particularly important for sports or protective equipment that are used by different athletes or users. Even during a pandemic, a product can remain safe when properly cleaned.

Second: sports equipment—and even protective gear—manufacturers are always looking to highlight their brands and offer the very best aesthetics for teams, athletes and consumers as a main product differentiator. Some closed-cell EVA foam injection manufacturers provide unprecedented versatility when it comes to colour choice, adding logos to products, customized textures and their expertise in creating cutting-edge designs in a co-creation design process.

If you are interested in learning more about how cross-linked foam injection molding could be the answer to your project’s needs for the sports market, talk to one of our specialists today.

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