Foam Creations is a specialist of XL EXTRALIGHT® manufacturing, which present wider properties than regular EVA foam manufacturers in the industry. Based in North America, foam molding products are manufactured both in Canada and Mexico plants. This geographic positioning distinguishes us from other foam manufacturers and gives us the ability to give you superior services such as manufacturing speed, quality as well as timely delivery especially if your company is based within the USA. Moreover, being based in North America enables us to keep low transportation costs and ensure just-in-time delivery to all of our clients' facilities.

Foam Creations is part of the world wide Finproject group, with facilities in Italy, Romania, India and China. This wide manufacturing capability, allows us to determine the best manufacturing location for our customers.

EVA foam molding production requires specific knowledge and expertise. At Foam Creations, we offer superior XL EXTRALIGHT® materials and more than 20 years experience as a foam manufacturer. Foam Creations is vertically integrated; starting from the XL EXTRALIGHT® compound manufacturing, to the foam molding of your products, we can also take care of the logistic to your facilities.

Our variety of XL EXTRALIGHT® material and our highly precise polyolefins and EVA foam molding processes makes us a foam manufacturer of choice, when comes the time to get your projects moving forward. The quality of your foam injection molded products is our priority. Our quality system allows us to maintain a complete control over our clients' quality requirements.