XL EXTRALIGHT® technology

XL EXTRALIGHT® foam molded technology is a patented product created by Finproject Group. Foam Creations was the first company in North America to import the expanded and crosslinked foam injection molding technology from Italy. Contact us for a QUOTE.

The exceptional properties of XL EXTRALIGHT® foam materials make them truly unique. XL EXTRALIGHT® is greatly superior to regular molded EVA foam material available in other parts of the world. Since 1995, Foam Creations has developed and manufactured more than 300 custom foam molded products, in the following industries :

  • Shoe and sandal soles
  • Medical homecare equipments
  • Spa pillows and accessories
  • Seats (medical, kayak, indoor, etc.)
  • Watersports accessories
  • Sport and equipment protective gear
  • Toys
  • Wheels


Foam Creations is a global leader in the development of injected foams.

What makes the XL EXTRALIGHT® material exceptional are its versatility and incredible properties. Our laboratories work relentlessly on the use of the most technologically advanced polyolefin resins on the market. The materials Foam Creations develops are technologically superior to the EVA foams available in other parts of the world.

XL EXTRALIGHT® material is non-toxic and offers numerous benefits.

Our materials are free of phthalates, heavy metals, and latex, making them very safe.

  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Chemical-resistant
  • Waterproof (closed-cell foam)
  • Complex and tridimensional geometry
  • Fire-resistant
  • High-quality surface finish (textures and logo)
  • Excellent mechanical strength
  • Available in many colors

Foam Creations specificities

Since 1995, Foam Creations is the North American manufacturer expert of polyolefin foam- injection products. Our team of engineers and designers supports our clients' projects, from concept to manufacturing, using the XL EXTRALIGHT® foam molded technology.

Foam Creations owns manufacturing plants in Canada and Mexico, which is a major advantage in terms of :

  • Efficient product development (materials and part design)
  • North American production
  • Very short delivery timelines (just-on-time)
  • Excellent production capacity based on client needs