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Using foam injection molding to develop gardening products


Did you know that closed-cell foam injection molding is one of the best methods to create molded foam products for gardeners?

 Due to the recent pandemic and trends regarding healthy lifestyles, food autonomy and beautifying outdoor living spaces, the gardening sector has experienced a major boom in sales. And it shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, consumers—both savvy gardeners or beginners—are craving new gardening products for enjoying food gardening, creating vibrant backyards or urban oases, or simply improving their quality of life.  

 Manufacturers of gardening products, looking to capitalize off this tremendous market opportunity need to elevate their innovations in product design, along with the materials and processes used to make them. Let’s take a look at this case study that shows the promise and viability of developing molded foam products with a foam manufacturer in North America, which guarantees product quality, local sourcing, great production capacity, efficient support, IP protection, and many other advantages.

A molded foam product for gardeners 

Foam Creations, a renowned North American foam manufacturer, recently launched unique garden kneelers, which impressively can also be used for baby bathing, construction and other hard work around the house. The garden kneeler has garnered rave reviews from gardening experts, such as Seeds and Spades, thanks to the product’s myriad of features and benefits generated by XL EXTRALIGHT® closed-cell foam and the foam injection molding process.

Benefits of foam injection molding for gardening products 

The gardening kneelers were made using an exacting foam injection molding process using closed-cell foam.

While the foam injection molding process ensures the utmost respect for a manufacturer’s standards and product specifications, XL EXTRALIGHT® closed-cell foam is an ideal material to design molded foam products, like the gardening kneelers.

There are several reasons why XL EXTRALIGHT®  foam helped Foam Creations develop kneelers that have become an instant hit with gardeners. Here are the benefits of the molded foam gardening product:

1-Comfort: Thanks to closed-cell foam’s great strength-to-weight ratio and shock absorbance, the garden kneelers offer unprecedented comfort and cushioning to protect people’s knees, even during long hours of yard work. Foam injection molding also ensure that the garden kneelers were ergonomically designed for knees of all shapes and sizes.

2-Lightweight: As a foam product, the garden kneelers weigh under 15 ounces; it is very easy for gardeners of all ages to move around the garden, yard or any other growing area.

3-Durable: Gardening day in and day out requires robust products that can withstand the hot sun (UV rays), rainy weather, and rough wear and (no!) tear, season after season. XL EXTRALIGHT® foam means that the garden kneelers won’t crack or break, regardless of normal usage. The molded foam product will retain its mechanical properties, making it a sound investment for gardeners who are looking for the long haul.

-Waterproof: Regardless of gardening or weather conditions, the garden kneelers waterproof foam helps users remain dry, even if they are working with early morning dew or earth that has recently been watered/rained upon.

5-Chemical-resistant: Free from phthalates, latex and heavy metals, XL EXTRALIGHT® foam products, like the garden kneelers, are not impacted by harsh chemicals. To clean them, all you have to do is wipe them down with water or spray clean with a mild detergent.

6-Molded foam products: A new wave of design innovations for gardeners 

As you can see, foam injection molding, using XL EXTRALIGHT® foam, also known as EVA foam, can be a significant competitive advantage for manufacturers that want to innovate in the consumer goods sector, including for gardening products. 

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