Injection Molding and Design Expo

Foam injection molding: How US foam manufacturers are paving the way to more resilient supply chains


The Injection Molding & Design Expo to showcase the latest innovations of North American injection molded manufacturers 

If anything the recent global pandemic has taught North American manufacturers and product designers, it’s how to foster more local partnerships to mitigate the current cogs in global supply chains.

And that’s precisely one of the themes of the brand-new Injection Molding & Design Expo, which will be held May 25-26, 2022 Detroit, MI, USA . As supply chain challenges continue sourcing new products and understanding the advantages of new molded foam technologies, especially those made by US foam manufacturers will be key.

Foam Creations: Settings its sights on market expansions

North American foam manufacturer, Foam Creations, will be on hand at Booth #419 to showcase its latest molded foam products and projects designed with foam injection molding. The team on hand will be available to discuss foam injection molding best practices, the advantages of Foam Creations’ molded XL EXTRALIGHT® foam, and the advantages of working with a US foam manufacturer, including:

  • ·        Availability of molded foam material for immediate availability
  • ·        Seamless and transparent foam injection molding workflows
  • ·        Ease of doing business with a North American partner thanks to more accessible time zones        
  • ·        Increased quality of final products designed with foam injection
  • ·        Faster lead times, smoother transportation and logistics
  • ·        Local expertise that understand customer needs, requirements and standards
  • ·        Better control over supply chain performance

Foam injection molding processes and trends: Find out more at the show!

The foam injection molding market is constantly evolving and gaining in popularity. In fact, molded foam is ideal for many industries that need to produce high volumes of quality and affordable products.

At the Injection Molding & Design Expo, attendees will be able to discover the innovations in designing with foam injection molding, including EVA molding. They learn about more extensive applications of molded foam in areas that previously used other materials. Now, more than ever before, foam injection molding is proving to be able to maintain product quality and durability—all while reducing product costs and boosting supply chain resiliency.

If you’re attending the Injection Molding & Design Expo, make sure you stop by Foam Creations booth and talk to our foam injection molding specialists for your next project!


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