EVA foam molding

How to bring your foam injection molding product to market


Got a foam injection molding project in mind? Looking for a foam injection molded supplier in the USA to manufacture your idea for a product? Wondering what is the best way to launch an injection molded product into the market?

 Creating injection molded products, such as medical devices, protective gear and sporting goods, takes the right EVA foam manufacturer for both the entire manufacturing process and a successful launch.

 Injection molded products: What is your design vision?

 There are many factors to consider and prioritize. First, what is your top priority in terms of the golden triangle of product development: cost, lead time or quality? What is your second priority? The answers to these questions are key when you start scouting out different EVA foam manufacturers. They will guide you in finding the most appropriate company for foam injection molding and provide critical information to your partner before the project begins.

 Next, think about other factors that will impact your product development with EVA molding. Are you concerned with the reliability and resiliency of current supply chains due to the ripple effects of the global pandemic on off-shore vendors? You may want to tap into the tremendous benefits of reshoring your foam injection molding project to North America; EVA foam providers in the USA and Canada can be compelling allies as you embark on developing an injection molded product that will be a commercial hit.

 EVA foam manufacturers: Which development approach is better?

 In order to vet potential EVA foam manufacturers and settle on the best one for your specific application, make sure you fully understand their development approach. Some foam injection molding vendors simply take an order and make it. However, while the initial cost may seem appealing, you could be setting your injection molded products up for quality issues, rework costs and customer dissatisfaction.

 But how can you tell which EVA foam manufacturer has the right R&D strategy for your project? Let’s take a look at Créations Foam (2008) Inc.’ client onboarding and development process. This process helps both Créations Foam (2008) Inc. and Foam molding clients determine if they are mutually the right fit for one another.

A thorough process to develop high-end injection molded products

Foam Creations(2008) Inc. has three approaches to launching a foam injection molding project in XL EXTRALIGHT®:

1-The client selects the material properties they want. We adapt the design to the chosen material.

2-The client presents us with a project with strict design constraints. We recommend materials adapted to their design.

3-The client has a price point in mind. We change the design of the product and suggest materials that will be the most cost-effective.

When a potential client approaches us to develop a project using foam injection molding with our  XL EXTRALIGHT® foam, we also ask a lot of questions! These questions enable our experts to understand the scope of the work to be completed.

Here are the top 3 questions:

1-Size of the product: Note that all EVA foam manufacturers have certain size limitations depending on their foams’ chemistries and development processes.

2-Annual volume: Créations Foam (2008) Inc. as well as other EVA foam manufacturers, need to understand the quantity of each injection molded product that needs to be produced. Projects that require only a foam prototype or very limited quantities can be cost-prohibitive, especially when considering EVA foam manufacturers that typically deal with large-scale and sophisticated manufacturing.

3-Foam properties: Density, durability, rigidity, weight and safety requirements must be spec’d out. Créations Foam (2008) Inc. also needs to know if the injected molded product must feature heat, UV, water, fire or shock resistance. Different EVA foams are suitable for different applications, which is why knowing the foam’s properties is essential.

Next, Créations Foam (2008) Inc.’ Foam injection molding experts assess the CAD drawings of the product. Once we have determined some possibilities using our foam, we can send EVA material samples to the client. Our R&D team works hand-in-hand with the client to identify the final properties of the molded foam.

One caveat. Créations Foam (2008) Inc. is committed to exacting production standards to better serve clients throughout foam injection molding and beyond. Our foam injection molding process is unique and must adhere to specific criteria to ensure top quality. Clients must therefore be open to slightly modify the design of their injection molded products. Some alterations may simply be necessary to ensure that the products’ molds can be produced and that the EVA foam initially selected will render the performance levels clients expect.

Production of the mod takes between 4 to 6 weeks. It is rigorously tested in-house before client approval. Once the mold is approved, we send it to our texturing team, which takes an additional 4 weeks. The textured molds are also sent for the client to confirm. Duplicate molds are subsequently produced. Finally, production kicks off and typically lasts 6 weeks, depending upon volume.

According to the Harvard Business School’s Clayton Christensen, a reputed academic who developed the “disruptive innovation theory,” only 5% of new products a year succeed. That means you cannot compromise on quality or performance of your EVA foam products.

No matter what injection molded product you are keen on developing, make sure you count on a high-end EVA foam manufacturer, like Créations Foam (2008) Inc., that is thorough, transparent and has the success of your product launch at heart!

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