Diffraction Pillow spa Foam Injection Molding

Foam injection molding for a new molded foam product: The brand-new Diffraction Pillow by XL EXTRALIGHT®


An increasing number of businesses are turning to foam injection molding to develop molded foam products in their North American manufacturing facilities. Thanks to its innovative properties, Injection molded foam is particularly well-suited for a variety of applications, including consumer goods.

1- Injection molded foam for consumer products in the spa and hot tub industry:

One of these new molded-foam products to hit the market is the Diffraction Pillow, a new headrest technology for spas and hot tubs. Diffraction Pillows are foam wall-panel cushions that feature a matrix of large hollow chambers. Made from XL EXTRALIGHT® foam injection molding, these molded foam pillows offer a variety of advantages.

2- Advantages of using molded foam for the Diffraction Pillow for end users:

The hollow chambers of the Diffraction Pillow help to minimize waves and water spillage by holding the water in place along the sidewalls of the spa or hot tub. On-going tests show that turbulence and wave action are significantly reduced with the molded foam design used to develop the Diffraction Pillows.

Made from a unique foam injection molding process, the Diffraction Pillow lowers the buoyancy of the molded-foam product, which is ideal for backrests and seating applications. Its attachment is conveniently located under water, making easy to install—all while being concealed. What’s more, the polyolefin and EVA foam offers superior comfort and cushioning for users to enjoy.

3- A molded foam product inspired by pool technology:

Lap swimmers have benefited for many years from the invention of wave-reduction lane lines in a competition pool, which help calm the water, making swimming easier and more fun. Now, this technology has been brought to spas and hot tubs! Imagine backyard BBQs or special playdates for the kiddos whereby hot tubs and spas get a lot of action! The Diffraction Pillow calms turbulent waves, decreases water waste, and is safe for users of all ages!

4- Take advantage of North American foam injection molding manufacturing:

The Diffraction Pillow was designed and manufactured in North America, clearly demonstrating the advantages of working with a local foam injection molding partner to shorten lead times, ensure product quality and performance, and accelerate a manufacturer’s time to market. Foam injection molding, using EVA (and other Polyolefin) molded foam, is a competitive advantage that product developers can count on. 

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