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Foam Injection Molding: The best material for water products


If you are a manufacturer or a distributor of marine or aquatic products, you may be on the lookout for a material well-suited for your application. Did you know that XL EXTRALIGHT® foam injection molding is a widely used material for a wide variety of water products, including boat and spa cushions and mats, swim kickboards, parts of life jackets, rescue tubes, and more? Discerning manufacturers worldwide prefer our foam to traditional EVA foams.

 But why is XL EXTRALIGHT® foam injection molding the best for water products and why does it beat out standard EVA foams? Let’s take a look at some of its properties and the benefits of foam.

 Excellent water resistance:

Our material is a closed-cell Polyolefin cross-linked foam, meaning that it has low water and salt absorption: it is 100 % waterproof. Contrary to other types of open-cell foams, such as polyurethane foam injection molding, as well as other EVA foams, our foam also offers unmatched buoyancy, which is ideal for water products.

 Great durability:

Many manufacturers require that the material that they use for their water products be very durable—as a symbol of quality. XL EXTRALIGHT® foam can therefore remain sturdy and withstand vibrations, impact and long-term use without ever cracking or breaking. This differs greatly than other EVA foams. 

Lightweight and portable:

 Depending on customer needs, XL EXTRALIGHT® foam is perfect if weight (or lack thereof!) and portability are primary concerns. For example, rescue tubes should be lightweight and very portable so that lifeguards can easily grab and swim with them as they save lives. XL EXTRALIGHT® foam mitigates the issues surrounding other cumbersome, heavy materials and cheap EVA foams.

Amazing softness and comfort:

High-end boat and spa manufacturers as well as end users looking to enhance their investments often turn to cushions and mats made with XL EXTRALIGHT® foam. The reason? Contrary to cheap EVA foams, is soft, yet firm enough to withstand compression and recuperate quickly over time. For maximum ergonomic comfort with water products, you can’t get better than our foam.

 High UV-resistance:

When designing marine or aquatic products, it is important to keep in mind sun exposure. Other materials can deteriorate and fade in the sun. However, XL EXTRALIGHT® foam will maintain its quality, finish, texture and colour for a long time.

 Suitable for extremely hot and cold temperatures:

When thinking about marine and aquatic products, the first thing manufacturers think about is how well the material will cope with heat. XL EXTRALIGHT® foam can definitely keep its sturdiness under extreme heat. But did you also know that our foam maintains its properties even at very low temperatures? As a result, any application in water—regardless of temperature can benefit from XL EXTRALIGHT® foam. Unfortunately, many low-cost foams cannot hold up when exposed to extreme temperatures.

 Safe for humans:

As a closed-cell foam, XL EXTRALIGHT® foam keeps water and humidity out, which prevents the proliferation of bacteria. Considered to be a safe alternative to PU, our injection molded foam does not contain any harmful plasticizers like phthalates and is BPA-free.


 XL EXTRALIGHT® foam definitely surpasses all other types of EVA foams, traditional foams and other materials for water products. If you require the services of a quality EVA foam injection manufacturer in North Americacontact our specialists in marine and aquatic products today.

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