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So, What Is It About Spa Pillows? Everything!


It was 25 years ago that Andrew Reddyhoff first partnered with Finproject Italia to help bring foam injection molding to North America.  The process, developed and advanced over the previous decade in Italy, was starting to revolutionize the footwear industry, replacing die cut EVA midsoles with a superior quality product.  Andy saw the potential in North America for many industrial and consumer applications.  One of those niche products is the spa pillow, which turned out to be perfect for foam injection molding.

As Andrew tells the story, “we first went around to all the spa companies one by one, presenting our product and providing samples.  Subsequently, the industry was very quiet for about 6-9 months with their evaluations and testing.  We were impatient and checking in every few weeks.  Then, suddenly the phone started to ring, and we were flooded with requests to get them product!”

What started as a good hunch, has steadily grown into a new hot tub industry standard for comfortable, quality spa pillows that are 100% waterproof and exhibit hardy resistance to the harsh spa environment.  Known as Foam Creations in North America, with two facilities serving the North American spa pillow market, our team has developed advanced formulas and molding techniques that have had a big impact on spa comfort, ergonomics, quality and serviceability. 

The company now has 7 facilities worldwide, serving the global need for innovative design and enhanced foam solutions.  XL EXTRALIGHT® is the global brand featured now on every product, insuring each customer with unsurpassed quality, reliability and performance in foam injection molding.  Foam Creations has built a catalogue of spa pillow styles available for immediate shipment to new spa customers.

EXTRA-LIGHT is the inspiration of our brand XL EXTRALIGHT®!  Our exclusive formulations exhibit higher physical properties and yet are lighter weight than ever before.  You can feel it immediately when you touch and pick up an XL EXTRALIGHT® brand spa pillow.  It feels lighter, more comfortable, and yet very supportive and dependable.

CLOSE-CELL is a unique quality of XL EXTRALIGHT®.  Close-cell foam offers superior feel and support.  Open-cell foam can collapse under load and exhaust the air cushion, leaving the user feeling the hard surface beneath.  Close-cell foam pressurizes under load, offering “push-back” support and suspension away from the hard surface beneath.  Because of this unique feature, the spa pillow can be designed sleeker and more economically, while offering better performance and a more dynamic appearance.

WATERPROOF is a vital quality inherent in each XL EXTRALIGHT® brand Spa pillow.  Every XL EXTRALIGHT® formulation is 100% close-cell, insuring no water, or other fluid can transfer into the pillow.  Even if the pillow is cut or damaged, fluid will not move beyond the surface.  This is a huge advancement in spa pillow manufacturing.  Urethane foam pillows are inherently open-cell, and urethane is a “hydroscopic” plastic, meaning water, chemicals and other fluids are absorbed into the skin of the pillow and can “water-log” the product. 

CHEMICAL RESISTANCE is another good advantage.  Because of the superior mechanical barrier of the XL EXTRALIGHT® foam structure, chemicals are resisted from penetrating beyond the surface.  Even with extreme exposure to chemicals, whereby the surface of the pillow may be affected, the close-cell structure remains unscathed.  This has been an industry game-changer.

INNOVATIVE DESIGN is what we hang our hat on at Foam Creations.  Our seasoned team wants to help you create a spa pillow that will not only feel the best but look the best.  We help many of our customers break new ground in spa pillow design, often leading to patented innovation and industry leading trends.  We at Foam Creations are now helping design for what we see will be the industry norm in 2025.  Yet we have our focus on assuring you right here in 2020, with the best service, product, delivery, and warranty industrywide. 

We’re very excited to learn about your business and how we can help.  Our customers often just refer to us as simply “Foam”, or the “foam guys”, and we like that, because its what we do – what we love – serving you with even better more innovative product than last year.  That’s our goal, our mission.

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