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How to develop foam injection molded products with 25 years experience manufacturer: Foam Creations


 With over 25 years of proven technologies and expertise in foam injection molding, Foam Creations is the top North American company to develop products using custom foam molding processes.

 During the past decades, Foam Creations has helped hundreds of clients design, engineer and product cutting-edge foam molded products using our renowned and patented XL EXTRALIGHT® compound formulation; this unique closed-cell foam injection molding material has been used to create thousands of B2C and B2B products, including the very first Crocs TM shoes as well as the One World Futbol Project’s (OWFP) indestructible ball that never needs inflation.

 How Foam Creations proven foam injection molding track record started

 Foam Creations was originally launched in Canada in 1995 under the name Evasol Plastics. From Day 1, the company specialized in producing the very best closed-cell foam for a myriad of applications.

 Our XL EXTRALIGHT® foam injection molding method quickly captured the attention of manufacturers in the consumer goods, medical and sports industries, to name a few. The reason? Our high-performance closed-cell foam material offers a variety of benefits, such as:

·         Lightweight

·         Comfortable

·         Water- and UV-resistant

·         Versatile

·         Durable

What makes Foam Creations different as a foam injection molding partner?

Foam Creations offers turnkey, end-to-end services for all foam injection molding needs. Apart from providing the best closed-cell foam on the market, the team at Foam Creations can assist customers for each stage of the product lifecycle: design, prototyping, tooling, production and quality control.

In addition, Foam Creations has production facilities throughout North America. Thanks to its locations in Canada, the United States and Mexico, manufactures can take advantage of fast lead times, stellar customer support across several times zones, and foam injection molding  in both English and in French.

What’s more: many members of the Foam Creations team have many years of experience in making closed-cell foam-injected products—whether it’s our industrial design, engineering, production or inspection staff. Rather than off-shore foam injection molding work to suppliers that may not provide all the skills required from a foam injection molding partner to create products that will become market successes.

The future of Foam Creations

Great news about Foam Creations and our parent company, Finproject! In late September 2021, Versalis, owned by Eni and one of Italy’s biggest chemical companies, announced that it had acquired a 100% stake in Finproject.

This acquisition will enable the organization to develop even more specialized products. XL EXTRALIGHT® foam will become a part of an all-Italian technological platform to enable major and upcoming brands to develop new products. Foam Creations will remain a North American foam injection molding partner for US and Canadian product manufacturers.

While we are celebrating 25 years of foam injection molding success, we are looking forward towards a very bright future—with foam innovations on the horizon!

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