Versalis invests in Foam Creations - Foam Injection Molding


A new transaction in the foam injection molding industry promises to bring even more innovations to manufacturers looking to leverage the performance of closed-cell foam for the development of upcoming products.

 The Finproject Group, experts in injection molded foam, and Eni, the Italian energy company, announced in July 2020 that Versalis, Eni’s chemical company, acquired a 40% stake in the Finproject Group. The Finproject Group is Foam Creations’ parent company. Both entities specialize in the production of cross-linkable and thermoplastic compounds as well as foam injection molding services for manufacturers.

 This acquisition marks an important milestone in Foam Creations’ history—and future. The Finproject Group and Versalis will play an even greater role globally in the development of new materials, which will create significant value for Foam Creations and its clients.

 Together, the companies will also create innovative and sustainable solutions for a wide range of emerging industries, including wire and cable, fashion, transportation, renewable energy, and many more.  

 Thanks to a new line of research in closed-cell foam technologies, which are renowned for their antibacterial properties, the companies will also design products for the health and safety of people around the globe.

 The Finproject Group and Versalis will focus many initiatives on circularity in order to recycle and repurpose foam injection molding scraps, transforming them into unique solutions for high added-value applications.

 The entire team at Foam Creations is thrilled to be working with Versalis and taking its closed-cell foam injection molding processes to a whole new level. Stay tuned for exciting updates!