Reshoring Foam injection molding in North America

How foam product manufacturers are improving supply chain security with foam injection molding partners based in North America


As the effects of the COVID-19 crisis continues to put increased strain on supply chains worldwide, many companies are reassessing their supplier pools and procurement processes in order to safeguard their production capacity and yield.

 These reassessments are particularly critical at a time when production plants in Asia have either slowed their operations or stopped them entirely. Huge shifts in demand mean that responsiveness and speed are more important than ever before.  

 Take foam product manufacturers for instance. Many foam product manufacturers in a wide array of industries, such as medical devices, sporting goods and spas, are turning much more of their R&D work and overall production to foam injection molding partners based in North America.

 In fact, these foam product customers have noticed that by partnering with foam injection molding manufacturers in North America, they are greatly improving supply chain security, which will likely positively impact their businesses for years to come.

 Local support for foam injection molding

 For one, when dealing with a foam injection molding partner with operations in North America, foam product manufacturers receive local services that eliminate the hassles of major time zone differences, which bogs down efficiency and responsiveness, and language barriers, which can impede the understanding of a product’s requirements or issues as they arise in the design, quality and production phases of a project.

 What’s more: a North American foam injection molding partner can offer expertise for developing foam products that are aligned with the true needs of customers in the US and Canada.

 With local support, foam product manufacturers gain peace of mind knowing that their designs will be developed according to spec and should quality problems occur, they will be promptly resolved.

In a recent survey of North American manufacturers, 61% said they are looking to reshore their supply chain - up from 10% in our March 2020 survey. (This survey has been published by  for companies actively looking for new North American suppliers).

 Redundant manufacturing of foam injection products

During a global health crisis, like COVID-19, foam product customers need to rely on foam injection molding manufacturers that can keep their production running to meet deadlines. That is why some  foam injection molding companies in North America have factories in different locations to ensure optimal uptimes. For example, Foam Creations has plants in Canada and Mexico, which can provide the levels of production redundancy to keep clients’ timelines in check.

 Redundant production sites enable foam injection molding partners to adapt to ever-changing situations, such as localized mandatory shutdowns, a decrease in accessible labour, and disruptions in available raw material.

 Simplified inventory control and deliveries

 Foam injection molding, Foam Creations in North America offers minimum stock agreements and just-in-time delivery services to foam product customers, from USA warehouses.

 On the one hand, minimum stock agreements allow foam product manufacturers not only to benefit from volume pricing but also guaranteed inventory levels should product demand spike.

 On the other hand, just-in-time delivery gives foam product manufacturers a flexible, efficient and cost-effective means of holding stock levels to match the ebbs and flows of demand.

 The old adage is that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link certainly rings true when it comes to supply chain security, especially in challenging times. Foam product manufacturers can greatly strengthen their supply chains by working directly with EVA foam injection molding partners in North America. These partnerships minimize the costs, quality issues and inefficiencies of working with just one form injection molding business overseas.

 If you require the services of a quality foam injection manufacturer in North America that provides localized services and expertise as well as quick turnaround times, contact one of Foam Creation’s application specialists today.

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