Foam injection molding circular economy

Recycling foam injection molding: How we contribute to foam sustainability and the circular economy


As a pioneering foam injection molding manufacturer that makes custom products using high-quality closed-cell foam, Foam Creations is always on the lookout for ways to minimize its ecological footprint.

 For over six months now, Foam Creations has been sending its foam injection molding scraps to a Canadian-based manufacturer ( that recycles post-industrial cross-linked polyolefins foam materials and coverts these premium poliolefin foam materials into innovative new products.

 Once the closed-cell foam scraps are collected, the manufacturer categorizes them based on thickness and density, ensuring that the final product has a consistent mix of materials. The closed-cell foam is then shredded into consistent particle sizes and bonded (both to itself and to a top layer of a non-woven geotextile) through a patented process that does not use any additional adhesives or harmful chemicals. The finished product is then  sold as  shock attenuation and drainage pads for artificial turf systems (both athletic fields and playground installation)that are sold across North America..

 What is even more amazing is that these shock attenuation and drainage pad systems can go through 2 to 3 synthetic field lifecycles—before the material can once again be repurposed into other products!

 Foam Creations is proud to say nearly 100% of its post-industrial foam injection molding scraps are reused to make durable, eco-friendly impact attenuation pads for playgrounds and athletic fields (protecting both children and athletes from potential head and joint injury) as well as  a myriad of other products.

 Being able to transform our foam scraps into unique new solutions is a real step forward for more circularity in the foam injection molding sector. Furthermore, recycling and repurposing closed-cell foam scraps are part the 4 R’s of sustainability! Our partnership is clear proof that closed-cell foam can contribute to sustainability and be a part of a circular economy!

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