Foam Creations team at Foam Expo 2020

Foam Creations exhibits at Foam Expo 2020



But we can make most everything else in foam! 

Come and visit us Booth # 2414, 25th to 27th of August 2020, Novi, MI.

A prospective customer called and asked that very question, “we saw those Crocs Shoes you make and want to know if you can make big sponges for us?”  I must admit, inside I had mixed emotions, I was intrigued by the thought of making unique sponges for this client, but at the same time amused at the leap from Crocs to sponges.  And I had to confess, “So sorry John, sponges are maybe the one thing we just can’t make for you.”  My customer was disappointed for sure, so I continued, “We can make a soft foam that feels and looks like a sponge shape, but it just won’t absorb any water because our XL EXTRALIGHT® is a closed-cell foam that is waterproof, and won’t absorb anything.”  I also pointed out that our cell structure is so small, you can’t even see it, so it won’t have that large open-cell look of a sponge.

That experience was one of the few times that our team had no solution for a customer.  In fact, most every time we get a call, we have a great answer for customers.  From footwear to smart phone covers; sports padding to medical device protection; our XL EXTRALIGHT® protects, cushions, adds life and buoyancy to most any foam product idea you have.   Our injection molded foams are great in the water too because they are just the opposite of a sponge.  It is in part, this waterproof non-absorbing quality, that has recently won favor with the United States Coast Guard as a floatation foam, which can be used in proprietary boat and kayak seats, life-saving devices, dock bumpers, and many aquatic fitness and training aids. 

XL EXTRALIGHT® has excellent U.V. and chemical resistant qualities making it a favorable choice for most any outdoor application including indoor/outdoor seat cushions, floor mats, furniture bumpers, and more.  The closed-cell nature of XL EXTRALIGHT® makes a soft yet supportive seat cushion or backrest because under load the sealed cells do not exhaust air like many foams do, but rather maintain their air pressure and actually push back, offering comfort and ergonomic support.  Our award-winning materials have helped provide superior performance for medical, orthopedic and home-healthcare devices.  In several cases, the closed-cell dynamic of XL EXTRALIGHT® is the key to product innovation.  For some of our customers, our injection molded foams create the resilience and “bounce” needed to emulate a pressurized inflated ball.  For other customers, this same action helps produce some of the highest performing running shoes on the planet or offers that “extra-light” spring in your step from your favorite dress shoes.

At Foam Creations we have been developing injection molded foam recipes that can decelerate shock and load impact at an impressive rate, and suitable for both sports padding and protective headwear.  Our customers in the category of protection include the medical devices, performance sports, and computer electronics.

Possibly our most popular but often unnoticed market niche is in headrests for the portable hot tub industry, which has come to embrace both the waterproof and good chemical resistance of XL EXTRALIGHT®.  Aesthetic design and originality are critical in this competitive marketplace and competing at the top tier with breakthrough design is always a challenge we rise to at Foam Creations.  In a marketplace featuring over 100 styles in pillow comfort and performance, our twenty years of experience is balanced by our daily zest for originality and for pushing the envelope one more time.

So, if you have a need for foam innovation within your company, or a new product idea other than “sponges”, we will really enjoy helping you live your dream. 

Kevin McCarthy,  Designer at Foam Creations