Fiat seats made with XL EXTRALIGHT

Fiat teams up with XL EXTRALIGHT for the design of its brand-new Fiat Centoventi


Fiat stunned the automobile world by unveiling a new electric concept car at the March 2019 Geneva Motor Show, the Centoventi, to mark the company’s 120th anniversary.

 And Foam Creations’ technology prowess in foam injection molding was on display: the Centoventi’s seats, with interchangeable cushions and head restraints, were made with our XL EXTRALIGHT® technology.

 Fiat turned to Finproject/Foam Creations because the world-renowned car manufacturer was looking to collaborate with a partner to develop a one-of-a-kind material aligned with its product vision. XL EXTRALIGHT® was selected because it is extremely lightweight, comfortable, versatile, cleanable and resistant, making it a more efficient and innovative solution for seating—compared with more expensive upholstery.

 In addition, Fiat appreciated that the XL EXTRALIGHT® foam injection material could be developed in any range of colours, thereby allowing for more interior design options for the Centoventi.

 Foam Creations created the custom material, developed the granules, designed textured molds, and manufactured the seating components—all within just a few weeks to be on par with Fiat’s design schedule for the Geneva product launch. Normally, a project of this scope can actually take several months; however, Finproject/Foam Creations’  experienced internal resources, including R&D, compound chemists, textured mold designers, engineering and production, were able to adapt to Fiat’s timeline and specific needs.

 You can view the Centoventi’s foam injection molded seats here and here.

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