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Foam Creations is a leader in the world of foam injection molding, a cutting-edge technology that has transformed manufacturing processes across a wide range of industries. With a focus on delivering top-quality foam products, we specialize in utilizing foams, molds, and chemical agents to create components and designs that offer numerous benefits.

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Our foam injection molding process involves injecting foams into molds with a closed mold cavity. This innovative approach provides a consistent surface finish on the outer surface of the finished product, making the entire piece waterproof.

  • Weight Reduction: EVA Foam products made using injection molds achieve a lower weight.
  • Soft and Firm Pieces with Low Weight: EVA injection molding produces items that can range from soft to firm (shore A 10(+/-5) while remaining lightweight.
  • Impact and Shock Absorption: EVA-molded products excel at absorbing impact or load.

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Key Benefits of the Foam Injection Molding Process:

Foam Creations' foam injection molding process offers numerous benefits to a wide range of industries, making it the preferred choice for many manufacturers. 

Cost Savings:

Foam injection molding provides substantial cost savings in terms of materials and production. Our molded items are complete as they exit our factory, eliminating the need for additional foam covering thanks to their closed-cell structure. 

Structural Integrity of the Molded Products:

The cellular structure and structural foam injection molding technology ensure exceptional tolerance for each piece (+/- 2.5%) and quality. Components manufactured through this process have outstanding structural integrity and meet the most stringent quality requirements.

Versatile Production Applications:

Foam injection molding can be used across a broad spectrum of industries, from medical devices, seats and sporting goods to protective gear. Its adaptability allows for the creation of components with thicker wall sections, which can be essential for specific applications.

Consistent Surface Finish:

The foam injection process using molds guarantees a consistent surface finish and allow you to choose the final texture of the products, enhancing their overall appearance and quality.

Enhanced Molded Product Design Possibilities:

With the ability to create components with thinner walls and complex geometries, the foam injection molding process provides advanced qualities in product development. Our process requires design specifications, such as 15-degree draft angles from the parting line.

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At Foam Creations, we leverage the power of foam injection molding to assist you with your foam injection molding projects. Our state-of-the-art equipment and expertise ensure that we meet your design and quality requirements. 

By choosing Foam Creations as your partner, you'll benefit from our commitment to innovation, cost-effective solutions, and top-quality foam injection molding products. Our team is dedicated to supporting your manufacturing needs and helping you achieve exceptional results in your production processes. 

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Structural Foam Molding Or Foam Injection Molding?

Structural foam molding and injection molding are distinct manufacturing processes, each with unique purposes.

  • Structural Foam Molding is low-pressure molding mainly used for creating large, thick-walled components with high structural integrity and reduced weight. The structural foam process is ideal for complex geometries like automotive panels or furniture. In this process, a foaming agent is injected with the base resin, expanding to create a cellular core inside the part, reducing weight while maintaining strength. The structural molding process is ideal for manufacturing structural components in various industries, such as aerospace and consumer electronics.
  • Foam Injection Molding is a versatile method for making various foam parts, from intricate components to consumer goods. By introducing a chemical foaming agent into the plastic resin, the process leads to the expansion and creation of lightweight foam products upon melting. This technique offers precision and design flexibility, making it ideal for high-volume production of detailed, consistent parts.


What Are The Advantages Offered By EVA Foam and Other Polyolefin?

  1. Durability: Polyolefin such as EVA foam boasts exceptional durability, robustness and resistance to tear and abrasion due to its cross-linked structure. Its tear strength surpasses that of regular foams, enabling it to withstand cracks and breakage effectively.
  2. Resilience: EVA and other polyolefin exhibits greater resilience compared to other foam types, owing to its impressive tensile strength and rapid recovery properties. This resilience allows polyolefin products to endure repeated compression and bounce back quickly.
  3. Thermal Insulation: Polyolefin outperforms conventional foam materials in both hot and cold temperature conditions. Depending on the thermal insulation needs of your product, EVA foam and other polyolefin can be valuable choices, particularly for applications like protective gear and footwear. XL EXTRALIGHT foam is made to resist temperatures up to 80 degrees.
  4. Resistance: Injection-molded EVA foam is synonymous with resistance. A wide-ranging resistance opens up opportunities for applications in areas such as consumer goods and medical devices.
  5. Portability and Buoyancy: Unlike other dense and heavy rubber materials, polyolefin foam offers just the right balance of density while remaining highly portable and buoyant. When selecting a material for your product, consider its portability, ease of handling, and buoyancy requirements. EVA foam and other polyolefin are a top choice for products designed for watersports and spa-related applications.