SENTRY Boat Fender taken by Foam molded product manufactured by Foam Creations

Mission Boat Fenders injection molded foam by Foam Creations


A disruptive new application for our XL EXTRALIGHT®  foam molded technology — superior to regular EVA foam — joins the family: SENTRY Fenders, from MISSION Boat Gear.

This new injection molded foam product has been developped and manufactured in colaboration between MISSION and Foam Creations engineering team. 

 This is an innovative boat bumper solution that quickly attaches to boat cleats and docks. Unlike traditional fenders, they offer protection both above and below the rub rail. Explicitly designed for two-sport boats they can work any small-boat application. Available in 4 colors that complement your boat.

 Here is an extract of an interview with Star Bazella, Director of Marketing with MISSION Boat Gear:

FC:    What was(were) the problem(s) with your previous or alternative solution?

Traditional “sausage” fenders have been around for decades and, let’s face it; they’re difficult to use on smaller boats today. Boats no longer have flat sides, handrails, and high-waisted run rails. This makes it difficult to position traditional fenders between a boat and dock where protection is needed most.

FC:    What do you like about our current XL XTRALIGHT® mold injected foam solution?

•    Pliable yet firm.

•    Doesn’t absorb water and resists fading from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

•    It also doesn’t contain nasty chemicals, like vinyl chloride, so it’s more environmentally friendly than traditional fenders.

•    Ability to mold the SENTRY from cross-linked closed-cell foam that is extremely durable, allowing a unique and innovative design to mirror the fresh aesthetic of boats today

FC:    How do you think our technology could help other companies?

The environmentally friendly material aspect and the fact that it is moldable to any shape. Highly customizable.

Bottom line, our XL EXTRALIGHT® mold injected foam technology, based on proprietary blends of polyolefins (superior to regular EVA foam) has helped bring unprecedented improvements into yet another field, with its closed-cell structure, extraordinary tear and compression resistance, withstanding UV and sunlight attacks. The manufacturing of the product is based in North America.

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