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The top 5 major benefits for using injection-molded EVA foam for designing products


When considering the type of materials to use for an innovative new product, there are many factors to consider, including material quality, design flexibility, production timelines and costs. Suffice it to say that manufacturers need to strike a delicate balance between performance and profitability.    

Now, more than ever before, injection-molded EVA foam is being used in a wide variety of industries. EVA foam is a type of closed-cell foam that has a fine cell structure and high level of cell cross linking. It is exceptionally suited for injection moulding. What’s more: EVA and Polyolefin foam have excellent colour subsuming characteristics, which give manufacturers the versatility of choosing from a limitless number of colours for their distinct brands and the peace of mind that the colours will not fade over time.

 The benefits of EVA foam for product development are numerous. Let’s take a look at some of EVA foam’s most unique properties.

  • 1- Durability: Due to its cross-linked structure, EVA foam affords exceptionally high durability and sturdiness. In fact, its tear value strength is significantly higher than ordinary foams, making it able to greatly withstand cracks and breakage. This inevitably means that products developed with EVA foam last longer.
  • 2-Resilience: EVA foam is far more resilient than other foams thanks to its tensile strength and recovery characteristics. EVA foam therefore can stand up to repeated compression and quickly recuperate. This property is conducive to developing EVA foam products that require good cushioning capabilities.
  • 3-Insulation: EVA foam outperforms traditional foam materials under hot and cold temperatures. Depending upon your product’s heat and thermal insulation requirements, EVA foam may be an excellent choice, especially for protective gear and footwear.
  • 4-Resistance: Injection-molded EVA foam is synonymous with resistance. EVA foam is resistant to water, other liquids, moisture, chemicals, UV rays, vibrations and sound. This definitely opens the gateways to applications, such as consumer goods and medical devices.
  • 5-Portability and buoyancy: Contrary to other rubber materials, which tend to be very dense and heavy, EVA foam provides just the right amount of density—all while being very portable and buoyant. When thinking about the type of material for your product, make sure you determine how portable, easy to handle and buoyant it should be. EVA foam may be your best bet, especially if you are developing products for watersports and spas!


As you can see, injection-molded EVA foam’s inherent properties and biocompatibility make it a solid choice for a host of applications. Interested in learning more about developing a new product using EVA foam? Discover our 6-step process to designing products with XL EXTRALIGHTâ foam injection molding.

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