Raptor Football with XL EXTRALIGHT®


Marc Martino, Raptor Football developer, explains why he relied on our XL EXTRALIGHT® technology to achieve what seemed impossible before we came into play.

"Our previous solution simply was not workable, I couldn't have gone into full production as is. The inconsistency in the previous foam parts (supplier) left the football body looking awkward and unfinished, as nothing matched up. So finding the XL XTRALIGHT® solution was critical for us to move forward with the whole project."

"The front of the football is a resilient foam and suffers extreme shock and abuse. We needed a part that could stand up under the extreme conditions but also remain light enough such that the overall weight was still below our design requirements. Frankly, we had worked with a previous company that couldn't achieve the consistency between production runs and couldn't get the final fitment correct or hardness correct."

Then, he did some research and decided to contact Foam Creations to see what the XL EXTRALIGHT® technology had to offer to him. "The XL XTRALIGHT® solution was exactly what we needed, as it was light and consistent between production runs. We were able to tweak the molds and production process to achieve a high quality part that not only looks great but stands up under the abuse we put it to." Says Mr. Martino.

"The foam material itself and quality of the part's dimensions are top notch. Any product that requires a professional and perfectly fitting foam part could expect to achieve success with the XL XTRALIGHT® solution." Ends Mr. Martino.

The Raptor Football is the World's First Flying Football, which is part glider and part football. You throw and catch the Raptor Football similar to a normal football, yet the Raptor Football achieves extreme distances due to it achieving true flight as it glides between the players. The Raptor Football is intended for anyone 12 years or older who likes to get outside and play a unique twist on the game of catch. www.MadFlySports.com.

Raptor Football video