history_image01Foam Creations (2008) Inc. started its operations in September of 2008 after Crocs tm had decided to shut down its plant in Quebec City.

After successfull negociations with Crocs tm on the use of technology, management team members of the Quebec Crocs tm plant got together and started Foam Creations (2008) with long time partners.

The company had a few name changes along the way : starting as Evasol Plastics, to Finproject NA Inc. and then Foam Creations to Crocstm, it becomes Foam Creations (2008) in September 2008.

In 1995, Evasol Plastics was the first North American company to import from Italy and use this technology to produce expanded, crosslinked polyolefine based foam products. Evasol Plastics was molding its first parts and in 1996, joined with Finproject SpA (Italy), world leader in shoe soles making and developper of raw material, becomming Finproject N.A. Inc. The company invested succesfully in R&D and succeeded to develop unique raw material for its injection technology.

These new materials were critical in the development and molding of added value foam products for the spa and the kayak industries. The material was also used to create in 2001, the first generation of sandals that would become famous worldwide.

In 2003, Crocs tm became a major distributor of the sandals and in 2004 Crocs tm bought the company. The name changed for Foam Creations, then to Crocs Inc. and the company became very successfull due to the production and distribution of the Crocs tm sandals.